Olde Technologie

The $4.00 kitchen timer

Possibly the worst place in which to bring an expensive, electronic multi-media device is a kitchen, where crumbs, humidity, and biological cross-contamination mingle.

So, rather than using an “app” to arrange your affairs while cooking, try an old-fashioned, analogue timer. Stick it someplace within reach that’s nevertheless above the fray.

I used to have a deluxe model that could keep two sequences going at once. When an alarm sounded, I would mash buttons in a panic, trying to figure out which one had expired. Now I simply have two timers, one right next to the other.

Those four-dollar gadgets are probably the most-used appliances in my kitchen, apart from my fridge. I stick them to my cupboard with Blue-Tack.

Guided by Whim, Not Recipe
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